Yo, Man, It’s Nats

Now that I’ve celebrated my birthday, it’s time to turn my attention back to my favorite summer activity: drum corps. We are now 8 days away from the 2011 DCI World Championships Finals. The junior corps are approaching the top of their performance game and the shows are now all big as the end is in site. This excites me not just as a fan of the activity, but also as someone who covers the activity for Drum Corps Planet and Drum Corps World. I’ll be doing a lot of covering during the next week, so here’s where you’ll find me.

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Box Center Episode 2011-11 Show Notes

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2011 Emerald City Music Games Review

My review of the 2011 Emerald City Music Games drum corps competition is now posted as part of the Drum Corps World On-Line series on Drum Corps Planet:

July 5, 2011 – Dublin, OH . . . Four straight nights of shows in the Buckeye State kicked off in the Columbus suburban enclave of Dublin with the 2011 edition of the “Emerald City Music Games.” The Cavaliers, more “Green Machine” than emerald, powered their way to another victory, taking all captions, while the Blue Stars placed a strong second. A dogfight between the Glassmen, Colts and Troopers foreshadowed the eventual fight for the final spot in Indy, with the three corps finishing within 1.15 of each other. Pioneer continued to celebrate their 50th anniversary and was right at home in the Emerald City, while the Blue Saints and Cincinnati Tradition both began their 2011 competitive seasons tonight.

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I also took pictures of each of the competing corps on the field, which you can view below.

Box Center Episode 2011-08 Show Notes

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Torchlight for PC/Mac: $3

TorchlightIf you’re a fan of RPG games like Diablo II and can’t wait for Diablo III to come out (and it WILL come out…eventually…I think…), then you want to check out Torchlight from Runic Games. The game is almost an homage to the Diablo series and, for the next 18 hours, is available via the Steam game service for just $2.99. That’s right, you can start kicking mythical character ass for just $3 bucks and a half hour download. Check it out!

2010 DCI CDs For Sale

eBay logoEvery week, DCI puts out an email newsletter with some of the latest news from the activity. One of the features of these newsletters is a weekly drawing for DCI stuff. I sign up every week and never win – until now, that is.

Two weeks ago, the item up for grabs was a 2010 DCI World Championships CD set. I, as always, signed up for the giveaway. Later that week, I attended the 2011 DCI Western Michigan competition. While at the event, I bought the 2010 CDs. I had totally forgotten about the giveaway and, since I never won, I didn’t expect to do so this time. Continue reading “2010 DCI CDs For Sale”

2011 DCI Western Michigan Review

At least once a year, I like to take a drum corps road trip. At the very least, I make it out to Rochester, New York, for each year’s DCA championships. This year, as my wife was out of town for the weekend, I decided to make the trek to Grand Rapids, Michigan, site of the 2011 DCI Western Michigan premiere tour event. The drive gave me an excuse to blast drum corps out my car window, but, being the boring geek I am, I listened to podcasts for most of the drive. Continue reading “2011 DCI Western Michigan Review”

Independence Day Medina Community Band Concert

Medina is holding their fireworks show tomorrow night, but the fireworks continue on the 4th as the Medina Community Band holds a special Independence Day edition of their Summer Concerts on the Square series. The concert, as with all MCB Square concerts, is free to the public and starts at 8:30 PM. You bring the lawn chair or beach towel to sit on, we’ll bring the Sousa marches!

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