Appy Friday: Genius Scan

Picture this scenario – You’re at a client’s office. You’ve given them a document such as a purchase authorization form to sign. You need to get the signed form back to your office, but you won’t be back for a couple days and your office doesn’t have a fax machine. You could take a picture of the document with your smartphone and send it via email, but image files tend to be large and could potentially be blocked by your office’s email system based on size limits. Even if you can email the image file, the size of the file is not very conducive to storage, especially as more and more documents are stored this way. You need to make a PDF of the document, which you could do if you could scan the document. Unfortunately, your phone doesn’t have that ability…UNTIL NOW!!!

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Book Review: Microsoft Access 2010 Plain & Simple

I can thank Microsoft Access for helping me break into the IT industry. Over a decade ago, I was working as a data entry temp at a company creating a database of motorcycle parts and accessories for an online catalog they were developing. We were using Microsoft Access 2000 to enter the data. Fortunately for me, we went beyond simple tables while entering our data, creating queries which helped us remove duplicate entries and double check our work. I even wrote my first basic SQL queries in Access during this job, and my desire and ability to learn how to utilize Access to its fullest abilities was noticed by the project supervisors, leading to my first full time technology job. Access has changed a lot in the time since I first played with the toy. Fortunately, there is a great book which Access users of any skill level can turn to for help learning the ins and outs of the latest iteration of the program. Continue reading “Book Review: Microsoft Access 2010 Plain & Simple”

Geeks To Peeps: Boomerang

I truly believe that this is the best thing to happen to Gmail since, well, Gmail itself.

Boomerang is a third party plugin for the Firefox and Chrome web browsers which adds a ton of functionality and productivity enhancements to your Gmail account. If you’re a believer in the Getting Things Done (GTD) method, the Inbox Zero method, or both, Boomerang is for you. If you’re not a fan of either, Boomerang is still for you.

What Boomerang allows you to do, in a nutshell, is resend yourself emails from your inbox. For example, if you have an email from your boss which tells you to perform a task at a certain time, you can have Boomerang send that email from your inbox and schedule it to return at a specific time, serving as a reminder to perform that task. Got a meeting coming up and want a reminder half an hour before? Send that email via Boomerang and schedule it to return to your inbox a half hour before the meeting starts. Its arrival back in your inbox (and the resultant new mail alert), will do the job.

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Appy Friday: Heytell

There is one function which an iPhone cannot perform – Push to talk communication. This service began with the Nextel business cell phone company and later began popping up on other services such as AT&T. It never caught hold for personal users, but the days where personal and business use of cell phones were kept separate have passed. If you own an iPhone or Android phone, you have access to a free app named Heytell which does one thing, but does it incredibly well.

Once you install Heytell on your phone, you use it to access your contact list and add contacts to your Heytell friends list. Heytell will then send either a text or email message to the contact to let them know you’ve added them. If they have Heytell installed on their phone, they simply open the app and accept the invite. If not, they can install the app and accept the invite upon opening the app.

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Geeks to Peeps: Phone Calls In Gmail

Google made an announcement today which I am thrilled about: The ability to make phone calls from your Gmail web page, which Google introduced earlier this year, will remain free throughout 2011 for U.S. users.

That’s right. You can make totally free phone calls from your totally free Gmail account. All you need is a (sometimes) totally free data connection. What’s also great about this feature is that you only need to install one plugin to start calling Aunt Matilda from your computer.

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Highland High School Band/Orchestra Winter Concert

This Tuesday evening, my wife Rachel will present her Highland High School Orchestra in concert along with the Highland High School band programs. The concert begins at 7PM. assuming Snowpocalylse 2010 Part 2 doesn’t cancel a concert for the second Tuesday in a row, you can check it out at the Highland High School Auditorium, 4150 Ridge Road, Medina, OH 44256.

I hope to see you there!

Box Center Episode 2010-18

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  • Junior Corps
    • Cadets Dedicate Hall Of Honored Veterans Plaque
    • Youth Education In The Arts Trumpet Sale
    • Teal Sound Extends Relationship With Jupiter, Mapex And Majestic
    • GNODCA 2011 Tuition Assistance Program
    • 2010 DCI Field Pass Episode 50
    • Academy Board Approves New Scholarship Program For Returning Corps Members
    • 2010 Glassmen Holiday Campaign
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      • Forte Announces 2011 Program
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      • Blue Saints Announce 2011 Staff
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      • Pioneer Announces Kirk Gay As 2011 Front Ensemble Composer
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      • 2011 Music City December Camp Report
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      • Dec. 17-19 – Spirit of Atlanta Audition Camp #2
      • Dec. 17 – Nikki Ely Celebration & Phantom Regiment Reception
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      • Dec. 17-19 – 2011 Santa Clara Vanguard Program Announcement
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    • Dec. 19, 9 AM – Medina United Methodist Church Christmas Cantata
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Box Center Episode 2010-17

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    • Spirit Of Atlanta Enters Pepsi’s “Refresh Everything” Project
    • Bluecoats Holiday Sale Now Through December 17
    • Mandarins Brass Members Perform At Dickens Street Faire
    • 2010 Santa Clara Vanguard Tour DVD Now Available
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      • Phantom Regiment Announces 2011 Program
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      • Teal Sound Announces 2011 Program
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      • Forte Announces 2011 Caption Heads
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      • Cadets Audition Camp Dec 10-12
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      • Prospective 2011 Vanguard Cadets Parent Meeting Dec 11
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      • Blue Knights December Camp Dec 17-19
      • First Ever Santa Clara Vanguard Holiday Mixer Dec 20
    • Rich Skare 1971-2010
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    • Kidsgrove Scouts Returning To DCA In 2012
    • Calendar
      • 2011 European Drum Corps Symposium In London Jan 22

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Appy Friday: Motion X GPS Drive

I am fortunate in that I have a very strong sense of direction. Putting any semblance of modesty aside, I have even found new ways to get from Point A to Point B in cities I’ve never been to before which people who have lived there for years never considered. As a result, I’m the last person you would expect to use a GPS system on a regular basis. There are situations, though, when I have to get to Point B by a certain time and can’t take the time to look over a map to find the best route. Thanks to my iPhone and MotionX GPS Drive, I don’t have to.

Thanks to a great dashboard mounting solution from Pro-Clip and power/audio from my Kensington LiquidAUX, I have my iPhone in a very visible and easy to control location in my car, and it only makes sense to use it for more than just a phone, especially now that the iPhone allows for GPS software. Continue reading “Appy Friday: Motion X GPS Drive”