Drum Corps at the Movies: 2011 DCI Tour Premiere Next Week

For me, baseball is my second favorite summer sport. My favorite is drum and bugle corps, as those of you who read my blog probably can tell. The 2011 North American drum corps season is about to start this weekend with shows across the country in both the junior and all-age drum corps divisions. Unfortunately for me, none of those shows are anywhere where I live here in Medina, Ohio. It’s DCI to the rescue, though, as, a week from tonight and for the first time ever, they will be showing the performances from last year’s Top 8 corps, recorded live the previous day at the Round rock, Texas, Tour of Champions show.  Continue reading “Drum Corps at the Movies: 2011 DCI Tour Premiere Next Week”

2011 Drum Corps Preview: Phantom Regiment

In recent years, storytelling has become as synonymous with Phantom Regiment as white uniforms and classical music. Since 2006, Phantom has given us the stories of Faust, Spartacus, and the Red Violin, with most of the musical selections coming from sources outside of the theme. This year’s edition of the corps brings us another story-based show, Juliet. As you may have guessed, Romeo and Juliet is the inspiration, but the focus of the story will be on Juliet’s telling of the tale.

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Medina Community Band Concert This Friday

The 2011 summer season for the Medina Community Band began with their first Friday night concert in Medina’s Public Square Gazebo back on the 3rd. The concert was a great success. This Friday, the 17th, will once again feature the Medina Community Band in the Gazebo, and I will be playing in the euphonium section. The concert is free, starts at 8:30PM, and lasts for about an hour. If you enjoy classical music, marches, opera, show tunes, or all of the above, bring some lawn chairs or a beach towel to sit on and enjoy the show!

Concert program

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Upgrade Your iOS Home Screen: Messages

One of the great things about the various iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) is that, out of the box, there is a ton of functionality built in, allowing you to utilize the many functions of a cell phone, personal information manager, camera, and multimedia player in just one screen. While this is a lot of power in a user’s hand, there is room for improvement. To that end, I am going to take a look at each of the apps on the iOS home screen and offer alternatives which can either replace or augment what Apple offers. Continue reading “Upgrade Your iOS Home Screen: Messages”

2011 Drum Corps Preview: Cadets and Blue Devils

Today was another sign that the 2011 drum corps season is almost upon us here in North America. First, the Blue Devils released their 2011 pre-season recordings for both the A and B corps on CD, via digital download, and through their Mediabox subscription streaming service. Earlier this evening, the Cadets broadcast a run-through of their 2011 production, Between Angels and Demons, which took place as part of their “thank you” to Johnstown, PA, for hosting them during their spring training. Continue reading “2011 Drum Corps Preview: Cadets and Blue Devils”

Bye Bye, MySpace

I just pulled the plug on my MySpace account. Yes, MySpace is still around.

The final straw came when I received a friend request from somebody who I had never heard of before. That somebody looked like a comedian, a “pop” star, or just somebody who wanted to get noticed so they could jump start their entertainment career. I haven’t heard from anybody I actually knew through MySpace for months and hadn’t logged into the site or opened the iPhone app for that long. We all know that MySpace has been dying, slowly and painfully, ever since Facebook became the King Kong of social media and sat on it, not even noticing the squishy sound of  Rupert Murdoch’s crushed dreams of building a social media empire. Continue reading “Bye Bye, MySpace”

Yes, Akron, Ohio, Has A Zoo

Memorial Day weekend. You know that the beaches and amusement parks like Cedar Point are going to be PACKED with people, something you definitely don’t want to deal with on your holiday weekend. You want to do something outdoors, though, and gets you moving around. Sure, mowing the lawn fits that bill, but it’s hard to be social with your wife when you’re doing that. Rachel and I found a great and inexpensive place to go here in Northeast Ohio: The Akron Zoo. Continue reading “Yes, Akron, Ohio, Has A Zoo”

One Way To Pay Tribute – Give Blood

As I hear the sounds of lawn mowers and prepare for the smells of hot dogs, brats, and burgers, it’d like to take this moment to focus on the reason for the holiday. There are many ways we can pay tribute to our fallen soldiers from America’s past, some of which you may have participated in already (personal admission: I miss doing Memorial Day parades). One way which you may not have thought of can also help the troops currently serving as well as veterans here in the US: Give blood. Continue reading “One Way To Pay Tribute — Give Blood”

2010 DCI Championships FREE Rebroadcast

I had the pleasure of watching last year’s DCI World Championships from the press box of Lucas Oil Stadium last year, reporting as part of the Drum Corps Planet Live From the Stands series. I also have the Blu-Ray discs, thanks to my lovely wife who gave them to me for Christmas. I tell you all this because last year’s championships were definitely worth seeing and hearing and, regardless of whether or not you’ve experienced the 2010 championships already, you’ll want to experience them given the chance. Continue reading “2010 DCI Championships FREE Rebroadcast”

App Review: 2011 French Open (iOS)

20110523-104343.jpgMy wife and I both consider the French Open to be our least favorite of the tennis Grand Slam events. Personally, I have to say the same for the iOS app. While the mobile apps for the Grand Slam events of the tennis world are designed by IBM, the French Open app, sponsored by European wireless carrier Orange, has a completely different feel than the apps for the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. Unfortunately, those differences result in an app which comes up short compared to it’s siblings.

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