Best Technology: Make Your Password A Needle In A Haystack For Hackers

This is an article I wrote for the Best Technology website last week on how you can make your password difficult for hackers to crack, with assistance from Gibson Research Corporation’s Steve Gibson in a recent TV news interview.

Passwords may be the most annoying thing about computers which nobody talks about. It seems like everything with even a minor level of importance requires a password, from your PC at work to your bank account to even your social media profiles. So many activities require passwords that the average user has a hard time keeping track of them all and easily falls into the habit of both making passwords easy to remember and using the same password multiple times. Needless to say, this is a security risk. Fortunately, as security expert Steve Gibson points out in this news item from KABC-TV in Los Angeles, it’s easy to create secure and unique passwords which are also easy to remember.

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2011 DCA Alumni Spectacular Review Released

The September 2011 edition of Drum Corps World is now available for your reading pleasure. Just go to High Velocity Media, enter your email address, and choose either the desktop version for the desk and/or lap reading edition or the mobile version for that fully portable drum corps reading experience. My review of the 2011 Drum Corps Associates Alumni Spectacular is on page 24 of this month’s issue, so be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.

Here’s some photos I took of the event from the press box. Enjoy!

2011 DCA Finals Impressions

This is the last show of the 2011 North American drum corps season. You can follow the play-by-play action by myself and the rest of the DCP crew here. You can also get my one-shot thoughts on the performances at my Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts. I’ll also update this thread after each show.

Bushwackers: You had a tough year, but you got through it and have a great foundation for the future.

Windsor Regiment: A strong start to the competitive portion of the night. Welcome to DCA!

Carolina Gold: MUCH better performance than last night, setting the bar high for Class A.

Fusion Core: A good performance, but was it good enough to stay ahead of Gold and move up?

Govenaires: A well balanced performance from all sections. I think you keep the title for another year.

Tampa Bay Thunder: Nice job making DCA Open Class Finals in your first year!

Kilties: Another corps which celebrated being in DCA Finals tonight. Powerful performance!

CorpsVets: Guard really shines in this corps. Music program needs to step up to that level in 2012.

Alliance: First total package of the night. Music really shined. Visual may have been overwritten.

San Francisco Renegades: Loud is good, and Renegades give us plenty of that. I think they stay in 6th.

Hawthorne Caballeros: Horns really know how to rip face. Couple rough spots, but still might pull an upset.

Connecticut Hurricanes: Wow, Hurcs, what did you eat for dinner tonight? That performance was incredible!

Empire Statesmen: Good performance, but I wouldn’t put the show ahead of Hurcs. Close call, though.

Reading Buccaneers: MUCH better performance than last night. You’ve made your case for the top spot.

Minnesota Brass: That was a championship performance, hands down. Minnesota sweeps DCA tonight.

DCA South Regional Class A Champion – Shenandoah Sound
Class A High Colorguard – Carolina Gold
Class A High Percussion – Carolina Gold
Class A High Music – Fusion Core
Class A High Visual – Govenaires
Class A High Brass – Govenaires
Class A Best Drum Major – Govenaires

Class A scores:
4. Windsor Regiment – 78.3
3. Carolina Gold – 83.85
2. Fusion Core – 83.93
1. Govenaires – 84.93

DCA South Open Class Champion: Alliance
Showmanship Award: Hawthorne Caballeros featured dancer
Best Honor Guard: Empire Statesmen
Best Color Guard: Minnesota Brass
Best Brass: Minnesota Brass
Best Visual: Minnesota Brass/Reading Buccaneers
Best Percussion: Reading Buccaneers

Open Class Scores:
10. Tampa Bay Thunder – 78.95
9. Kilties – 82.23
8. Atlanta CorpsVets – 85. 00
7. Alliance – 89.00
6.  San Francisco Renegades – 90.18
5. Hawthorne Caballeros – 93.13
4.  Connecticut Hurricanes – 94.35
3. Empire Statesmen – 95.55
2.  Reading Buccaneers – 97.45
1. Minnesota Brass, Inc. – 98.35

2011 DCA Alumni Spectacular Impressions

The Drum Corps Planet crew is in the process of covering today’s DCA Alumni Spectacular. You can follow our coverage on DCP, but I am also posting my thoughts on the show on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. Here’s what I thought of each corps:

Freelancers Alumni: Great G bugle sound. Bari solo by DM was especially sweet.

Toronto Optimists Alumni: Fun show, very jazzy. Loved the Canadian color presentation.

Reilly Raiders Alumni: Thunderous drums and awesome soloists. This corps knows how to work the crowd.

Bridgemen Alumni: Who else can make fun of a cop and donuts and still pay tribute to the heroes of 9/11?

Boston Crusaders Senior: Drum line was impressive playing rudiments on Kevlar heads.

Mighty St. Joe’s Alumni: A classic alumni corps with a classy performance. Thanks, St. Joe’s!

Park City Pride: Another tight drum line. A tight drum corps all around, in fact.

Preston Scout House Alumni: Proving again that Bb horns are not a bad thing in drum corps. Also glockenspiels.

New York Skyliners Alumni: They could just play Elk’s Parade for 10 minutes and we’d love them for it.

Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni: That performance alone makes me want the CDs from this event

2011 DCA Prelims Impressions

Here are my thoughts on each of the corps which performed at today’s 2011 DCA Prelims. I’ll update this post as I after each corps’ performance.


Excelsior: A lot of heart in that performance. Great soprano soloist, too!

Cincinnati Tradition: Ran out of steam at the end. Horns need to project more with such a large drum line.

White Sabers: Very strong ensemble performance. Now, get rid of the dutting and counting, very distracting.

Shenandoah Sound: A very well balanced horn line. Contra girl with broken foot didn’t let that stop her from playing, either. Great show!

High Country Brass: Great brass sound for 19 horns! Fun Blood, Sweat, & Tears music, too.

Sunrisers: A very aggressive performance by a very young corps. A strong foundation to build on.

Windsor Regiment: I wouldn’t have known that was a first year corps. This corps may surprise us in placement.

Carolina Gold: Percussion and guard grab my attention right from the start. Very strong performance.

Fusion Core: A good performance, but the corps seemed to lose steam during the second half.

Govenaires: A well balanced Class A drum corps. Winning again would be deserved.

Bushwackers: A very tough year for Bush. Stong drum line to build around for the future.

Renegades: A pleasant surprise and much better than I expected. Might move up in placement.

Tampa Bay Thunder: Strong first year corps. Build endurance for next year and look out Open Class.

Kilties: Welcome to Finals, Kilties. It’s been a long time coming.

CorpsVets: Very strong visually, especially in color guard. Horns need to work on balance and endurance.

Alliance: Drum line is sick. Performance overall is very strong. Last minute needs to be stronger.

Caballeros: Definite intensity increase with the Top 5. A very in your face program.

Hurricanes: Color guard, drum line were killer. Brass, visual had issues. Not sure they should be 3rd.

Reading Buccaneers: Ensemble issues throughout the show. Lacked energy, too. They’ve left the door open for MBI

Minnesota Brass: That performance made the case for 1st tonight. Let’s see if the judges agree with me.

2011 DCI Prelims Cinecast Review Now Available

My review of the 2011 DCI Prelims Cinecast is now available in the latest Drum Corps World email blast. Just click on the link below to download the PDF file. The review is on page 8. You will need a PDF reader program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file.


2011 Lake Erie Fanfare I Review Now On-Line

My review of the 2011 Lake Erie Fanfare Open Class competition is now online as part of the 2011 DCW On-Line series on Drum Corps Planet. You can find the review here.

Also, I have a couple photos I took from the show. I would have taken more, but I was having iPhone issues during the show and was not able to take pictures as I would have liked.


2011 DCI World Class Finals Coverage

Tonight is the last night of compettion for Drum Corps International and North American junior corps. I am covering the show at Lucas Oil Stadium from the press box, an impressive view! If you’d like to follow my Drum Corps Planet Live from the Press Box coverage, just go to this link. You can also follow my comments and photos on my various social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Enjoy!

2011 Lake Erie Fanfare II Coverage

I am covering tonight’s Lake Erie Fanfare DCI World Class competition in Erie, Pennsylvania, for Drum Corps World and Drum Corps Planet. If you would like to follow my coverage, here’s where you can do so:

Drum Corps Planet –
Facebook –
Twitter –!/kevingamin
Google+ –

2011 Lake Erie Fanfare I Coverage

Here’s where you can find all of my observations about tonight’s show:

Drum Corps Planet –
Twitter –
Facebook –
Google+ –

I am also reviewing this show for Drum Corps World, so watch for it to appear in either one of the email blasts between issue or the next issue in the beginning of September.