2010 American Idol – Top Six

And then there were six…Too bad won’t go Agatha Christie and shrink it down to NONE. This week’s mentor is Shania Twain. She’s a country singer, which I don’t care about, and she has a nasally voice, which I don’t care for. She’s also incredibly successful, which is what this show is really about, so […]

2010 American Idol – Top 7

Oh, yeah, Idol Gives Back week has returned. I guess the AI team feels that the economy has recovered enough that they don’t feel bad about asking people to donate. Of course, with Haiti and all the other earthquakes which have happened already this year, this money could do some good. With an Idol Gives […]

2010 WGI World Percussion Finals Results

Percussion Scholastic World: 15. Center Grove High School – 86.125 14. Fishers High School – 86.588 13. Long Lake High School – 86.825 12. King Philip Regional High School – 87.588 11. Forsyth Central High School – 88.325 10. Centerville High School – 89.163 9. Los Alimedos High School – 89.538 8. North Glenn High […]

2010 American Idol – Top 9 (AGAIN!)

Yep, that’s right. We’re still on the Top 9.  Apparently, Michael was the odd man out last week, forcing the judges to use their one save of the season to keep him around. I would have gone home, though, since this week is Elvis week, the one “musician” I blame for destroying rock and roll […]

2010 American Idol – Top 9

Really?  They’re doing Lennon/McCartney night AGAIN??? That was great the first time they did it in Season 7. The second time they did it, one week after the first time, it plain sucked. What’s more, we don’t have nearly the talent level we had two years ago. I’m not looking forward to this night. Aaron […]

2010 American Idol – Top 10

This week’s mentor is Usher, which, while I’m not a big fan of his music, is still miles ahead of Miley Cyrus from last week.  Our Top 10 is set, which means that I’ll have another opportunity to ignore the American Idol tour this summer.  Soul/R&B is the theme tonight. Let’s hope that the contestants […]