My iPhone Experiment – iTalk

Today was rehearsal for the alumni drum and bugle corps I perform with, the Erie Thunderbirds. Near the end of rehearsal, the sections of the corps got together to perform the music for this year. I wanted to get some recordings I could use for my podcast, but only had my iPhone with me. Fortunately, I found the perfect recording app for the situation.

The app in question isn’t the built-in voice memo recorder, introduced with iPhone OS 3.0, but the iTalk Lite recorder from Griffin. The app is “lite” because there is also a paid version which removes all ads in the app. I don’t see any need for the full app, though, as the free version does everything I need.

Unlike the voice memo app, iTalk will do more than record your audio. You can also transfer your audio recordings over wi-fi to your computer using the free iTalk Sync companion software from the Griffin website. The recordings are in AIFF format, but you can use iTunes to convert the files to MP3 or AAC. You can also use editing software like Audacity to make your audio clips exactly the way you wan them.

I’ll post some examples on the website, but I have used iTalk to record high school orchestra performances. The recording came out very clear and required no processing on my part to sound good. For a free app, iTalk does a lot and does it well.

My iPhone Experiment – AT&T MyWireless Mobile

Yesterday was payday again for me, which also means it’s time to pay some bills. As with the previous bill time, I’ve looked for options to pay my bills using my iPhone. It should come as no surprise that AT&T supplies an iPhone app which does just that. In fact, the MyWireless Mobile app does a lot more to help you maintain your cell phone account.

There are three main sections to the app: Bill & Pay, Usage, and Features. The Bill & Pay section will allow you to view a summary of your bill as well as a PDF of your full monthly bill. You also have the option to pay your bill directly from your bank account (you’ll need to enter your bank info to do so). The Usage section will show you how many minutes you’ve used in both voice and data sections. You can also view a group section if you’re on a family plan to see the total usage for your account. The Features section will not only allow you to view what features are on your account (ex. Data plan), it will also allow you to add/change/remove features, for yourself and for anybody else on your account.

The myWireless Mobile app gives you full control of your AT&T account, allowing you to monitor, adjust, and pay for your iPhone usage. The app runs smoothly and let me pay my bill with just a short setup of my bank account info. It’s also nice to see how much data I’ve used this month as “unlimited” in the cell phone world really means “5GB/month MAX”. While I have issues with the phone service, I have no problems with this app.

Box Center Episode 2010-03

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My iPhone Experiment – Dropbox

One utility on my computer that I can’t live without is Dropbox. Basically, you install the program on each of your computers. Then, any file you “drop” in the “box” is synced to the cloud AND to every other computer on your account. I’ve found it so much easier to move files from one machine to another, plus I can put files in my Dropbox that I need to access from any of my computers. Unfortunately, my iPhone has felt pretty left out of the party. UNTIL NOW!!!

Introducing the Dropbox iPhone app. This app gives me full access to every file in my account. Since the iPhone can view Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat files, I can view these files in my Dropbox. I can also email them to anybody I wish. If the file is a media file and is compatible with the iPhone, I can play it. Imagine having a folder of your favorite music available to play at any time (as long as you have a data connection), not taking up space on your phone. I also have the ability to add photos and videos (3GS only) taken with my iPhone to my Dropbox.

The Dropbox app is very versitle and useful, even on an iPhone. I’d like to see if I can access and edit the Office files using an app like Documents To Go, as file editing is not an option. Regardless, there are many times when I wish I could review a doc but don’t have my computer handy. Dropbox takes care of that.

My iPhone Experiment – 2010 Australian Open

Thanks to my wife, I am a huge tennis fan. Every time a Grand Slam event takes place, I’m guaranteed to lose sleep as I’m watching late matches in bed. The first Grand Slam event of 2010, the Australian Open, starts 1st round play tonight, and IBM has come through with an excellent iPhone app to follow the action.

IBM has teamed with all of the Grand Slam events in the past to design each event’s website. They’ve taken that experience and applied it to the corresponding iPhone apps for each event. I am able to access everything I need to follow the tournament, including the schedule of play, the draws for all of the tournament brackets, live scores of matches in progress, and live audio from Australian Open Radio. I can even see Twitter updates from players in the tournament (not during their matches, of course).

The app is free and, if the previous app for the U.S. Open is any indication, is very stable and full of great functionality for any tennis fan.

My iPhone Experiment – MySpace

Yes, I am going to write something positive about MySpace. You remember MySpace, don’t you? They were the big social networking site that bridged the gap between Friendster and Facebook. The pages could be designed many different ways, usually with 3rd party code hacks and always with the artistic style of a 2nd grader.

Well, don’t look now, but the MySpace iPhone app is, dare I say it, pretty good. You can view just about everything related to your profile that you can on the website, including comments from friends, photos, mail, and friend requests. The app even has the People You May Know section, showing you potential friends of yours also on MySpace which you haven’t connected with yet. Facebook’s app doesn’t have that yet, surprisingly.

Personally, most of my friends have made the move to Facebook. I even think MySpace will be lucky to survive 2010, thanks to the raging success of Facebook and Twitter. Still, it’s another way to keep in touch with people you know, and the iPhone app does a very strong job of making that easy to do on your phone.

Get Out The Vote – Drum Corps Style!

As of Monday, the four drum and bugle corps who have made the second round of the Chase Community Giving Facebook program have posted their “Big Idea”.  A requirement of each of the 100 non-profit charities who are in the second round was to create a proposal, with photos and a video, describing who and what they are and what they would do with the $1 million given to the organization which receives the most votes between January 15th and January 22nd.  The second through sixth place organizations each receive $100,000.

The four corps who made it into Round 2 (Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, The Colts, and Phantom Regiment), have posted their proposals on their respective Chase Community Giving Facebook pages.  I have provided links to all of the proposals, as well as links to each corps’ website and Facebook fan page.  If you do not know about these organizations (hard to believe if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, considering I bombard you about drum corps whenever possible), please look over each of them. Even if you’re the most die-hard drum corps fan and can whistle every single melody all four of these corps have played since they were started, check out the proposals and watch the videos.  They are very well made and have very ambitious goals attached to them. Come Friday, every Facebook member who has added the Chase Community Giving app to their profile receives five votes. When the time comes, I ask that you use four of those votes on these drum corps listed below.

If you do not have the Chase Community Giving Facebook app on your profile, you can get it here.

If you do not have a Facebook profile, you can create one here.

Corps website
Corps Facebook page

Corps website
Corps Facebook page

Corps website
Corps Facebook page

Corps website
Corps Facebook page