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2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – Big, Loud, & Live 15 Cinecast

With the 2018 DCI season about to end, we returned to movie theaters for the first of three nights of Championships. I’ll admit I also had the FloMarching feed of Prelims running on my phone while at work so I could at least hear the Open Class corps and those World Class corps seeded 16th and lower. Unlike the first cinecast event in June, I returned to the Montrose Movies cinema in the Akron area. Like last year, I left swearing never to return again. Seriously, people, Montrose Movies has become a dump.

DCI marks 15 years in movie theaters

2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – Innovations In Brass Akron

The Innovations in Brass show in Akron, Ohio, was my first live drum corps experience of the 2018 season, both as a spectator and as a performer with Rhythm In BLUE. This led to some interesting logistical issues when it came time for my live coverage, but I was able to make it work, as you will see below.

LIVE! From the Stands coverage

Photo Gallery

Drum Corps World review

2018 Innovations In Brass Review

My review of the 2018 Drum Corps International Innovations in Brass show is now available to read in the July 2018 edition of Drum Corps World!

Show review

I also provided LIVE! From the Stands commentary about the show in the Drum Corps Planet forums. You can check out my comments and discussions with fellow fans for a more as-it-happened perspective of the performances

LIVE! From the Stands discussion thread

Finally, you can view photos I took of the performing corps on my SmugMug account.

Photo gallery

DCP/DCW COVERAGE – 2018 Innovations In Brass

Not only will the 2018 Innovations in Brass be my first live drum corps event of the season…

Not only will I be providing LIVE From the Stands! coverage of the show on Drum Corps Planet

Not only will I be writing the show review for Drum Corps World

I will also be performing for the first time with Rhythm in BLUE! Continue reading DCP/DCW COVERAGE — 2018 Innovations In Brass

2018 Ohio Indoor Performance Association Firestone Weekend Photos

I have uploaded my photos from this past weekend’s Ohio Indoor Performance Association Firestone competitions to Google Photos. The photos are available for all to view. If you with to share photos online, please give me credit. You can also add your photos from the event to the album.

Saturday’s photo album

Sunday’s photo album

2016 DCI Tour Premiere (6/23/16) – Drum Corps World Coverage

It’s the first show of the season and we’re all invited.

The 2016 Drum Corps International season starts off where it will also end, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Fortunately, for those of us who need our early season drum corps fix but don’t live way back home in Indiana, DCI and Fathom Events are bringing the show to the big screen.

Continuing the tradition of showcasing drum corps in movie theaters, the 2016 DCI Tour Premiere will be broadcast live to theaters across the country on Thursday, June 23rd. Six of the top drum corps in the world will lead off the 2016 competitive season. The show begins at 8:30 PM Eastern.

I will once again be reviewing the cinecast for Drum Corps World, making observations on the event and broadcast, including the behind the scenes content and vignettes shown between performances. Unlike previous years, I will also review the performances of the night as well.

If you’ll be attending the cinecast at the Regal Montrose Movies 12 cinema in Montrose (Akron), Ohio, be sure to find me and say hello. I will be wearing my Drum Corps Planet staff shirt so I’ll be easy to find.

Here we go!

2012 Drum Corps At The Movies Review

My review of this past Monday’s “Drum Corps at the Movies” DCI cinecast event was published today as part of Drum Corps World’s June email blast between full magazine issues. You can find my review on page 20 of the PDF file located at http://www.high-velocity-media.com/Magazines/jun_2012/jun_22_2012.pdf. Enjoy and please let me know what you think!

2012 Innovations In Brass Review

For the 41st time, the Drum Corps International summer season began, this time in Akron, Ohio, at the Bluecoats’ Innovations In Brass competition. Like last year, the first show of the year was also filmed and will be shown to the nation in cinemas all over the country on Monday. Also like last year, the scores for this show were kept secret and, along with the Louisville, KY, show’s scores, will be announced at the end of the cinecast. As a result, the crowd left the stadium not knowing who was on top, although many, including myself, had an opinion as to who placed where and why. Since there were no announced results, I have reviewed the shows in the order of appearance, capping each review off with my predicted placement for each corps. Also, since this was my first read, I tried not to get too specific with each show, hopefully giving my readers a general overview of each concept and level of performance presented by the corps.
Continue reading 2012 Innovations In Brass Review

2012 Innovations In Brass TONIGHT!!!

I will be at the 2012 Innovations In Brass drum corps competition, the first competition of the 2012 DCI season, tonight, starting at 7:30 PM. The show is at the University of Akron’s Infocision Stadium and will feature six of last year’s Top 12 corps:

Blue Stars
Phantom Regiment
Carolina Crown

I will be a fan for this show, so I won’t be doing a DCP Live From the Stands live blog. I will, however, take some photos and post my thoughts on each corps after they perform. There is no retreat tonight, as the scores will not be announced until Monday’s cinecast event, so I won’t live stream the retreat ceremony on my Ustream channel, although I plan to do so at other shows I attend.

If you’ll be at the show, look for me. I’m wearing my blue Glassmen horn line t-shirt and shorts and I’m short, so I should be easy to find. 😀

Let the fun begin!

Let The Drum Corps Season Begin!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the fun to start.

This Saturday, the 2012 DCI season officially gets underway with the 2012 Innovations In Brass competition in Akron, Ohio. I will be at the show as a fan, which means you won’t get a lot of updates from me online (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, DCP). If you will be at the show, though, I would love to meet you. I’ll make sure to post when I’m at the stadium so you know when and where to find me.

Two days later, the Akron show will serve as the first of two cinecasts in movie theaters. The 2012 Tour Premiere will feature the six corps which competed in Akron. While I saw those shows live, I love going to the cinecast events so I can meet fellow drum corps fans and enjoy drum corps in air conditioned comfort. I will be writing the Drum Corps World review for this event, so I would love feedback from those of you who also go to the cinecast. I plan to watch the show at the Montrose Movies theater in Akron, so let me know if you will be there, as well.