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Geeks to Peeps: Gmail Archiving and Labels

GmailIf you read my previous Tech Tips Tuesday installment, you’ll remember that I gave you a homework assignment – Set up your own Google account, including creating a Gmail account. If you haven’t done so, please take a couple minutes (which really is all it takes) to create that account. A large part of what we’ll do with Google from this point on will need that account, although there are still plenty of tools, including Google Search, which you can access without logging in.

As you’ve deduced from the title of this week’s post, as well as the fairly obvious logo I’ve thrown at the top of this post, we’re going to start with Gmail. Today’s post will cover the basics (Gmail basics, not email, although there may be some overlap). Over the next few weeks, we’ll start digging deeper into Gmail, looking at features like Gmail Labs and the Priority Inbox. I really could spend an entire 52 weeks of posting on just Gmail, but there are so many other tools under the Google umbrella and I’d like to give them their due, as well.