2016 Drum Corps International World Class Finals Drum Corps World Review Published

My review of the 2016 Drum Corps International World Class Finals drum corps competition is now published in the August 19th edition of Drum Corps World. You can read the review here. You can also check out this and all previous digital editions of Drum Corps World here. My LIVE From the Stands! coverage of […]

2012 DCI West Webcast Review

The first DCI Fan Network webcast of the season took place on Saturday, June 23, as Stanford, CA, once again hosted the DCI West regional. One of the benefits of a Fan Network subscription is the “DVR” capabilities viewers and implement throughout the show, allowing fans to rewind and fast forward through the recording. For […]

2011 Drum Corps Preview: Cadets and Blue Devils

Today was another sign that the 2011 drum corps season is almost upon us here in North America. First, the Blue Devils released their 2011 pre-season recordings for both the A and B corps on CD, via digital download, and through their Mediabox subscription streaming service.¬†Earlier¬†this evening, the Cadets broadcast a run-through of their 2011 […]

2010 Blue Devils Review

Show theme: Through A Glass, Darkly Show Music (from corpsreps.com): City of Glass Suite by Graettinger, Bob Conflict by Rugolo, Pete Mirage by Rugolo, Pete Trajectories by Marks, Franklyn Incident In Jazz by Graettinger, Bob Laura by Raksin, David La Suerte de Los Tontos (from Cuban Fire Suite) by Richards, Johnny There were two announcements […]

Blue Devils Hater No More

I’ve been pretty hard on the Blue Devils for the past couple years. Whether it’s been musical selections I can’t stand, tuba lines I can’t hear, or uniform designs I can’t figure out, I’m more likely to speak out about what I hate about BD instead of what I like. This year’s show is no […]