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LIVE FROM THE STANDS Coverage of 2012 DCI Championships TONIGHT!

I am sitting in the press box of Lucas Oil Stadium as I write this as, in about 2 1/2 hours, the top 12 junior drum and bugle corps in the world meet one last time to compete for the title of Drum Corps International World Champion in 2012. I will be giving you Live From the Stands coverage on Drum Corps Planet so be sure to watch the discussion thread here for all the updates.

My view:


Euphonium Technique Issue, or My Upper Front Teeth Betray Me

First off, let me explain the description. Due to my jaw and the way my adult teeth grew in, my two upper teeth are at an angle. Instead of forming a nice arc, they bend inward, causing an under bite.

What does this have to do with technique?

Well, my tonguing technique suffers as a result, especially at faster tempos. Where most people can tongue just inside their upper teeth, keeping their tongue nice and relaxed, mine has to either pull back due to the shorter distance caused by those angled front teeth or tongue off the tip of those teeth. Either way, I don’t have clean tonguing.


Brass Band Of The Western Reserve At The Ohio Brass Arts Festival

I’ll let the picture say it all.


Who can be there?


Brass Band of the Western Reserve Minerva Concert Facebook Event

I have created an event for tomorrow night’s Brass Band of the Western Reserve concert on Facebook. If you haven’t received an invite and would like to go, feel free to hit up Facebook and let me know you’ll be there.

Facebook Concert Event Page


Brass Band of the Western Reserve Minerva Concert Program

Yesterday, I posted about this Saturday’s Brass Band of the Western Reserve concert in Minerva, Ohio. I have since received the program listing of what we’re playing, which I now pass on to you.


Brass Band Of The Western Reserve Concert This Saturday

Last night, I performed with the Brass Band of the Western Reserve for the first time. I had just joined the band the previous Tuesday and had only rehearsed with the group twice, including the dress rehearsal the night before, so it’s been a crash course in brass band performance. I have to say, though, that this is the most excitement and challenge I’ve had playing music since I marched drum corps, and I am already looking forward to the next concert this Saturday in Minerva, Ohio.


Craig Knox Clinic

Tom Lukowicz, Principal Tuba of the Canton Symphony Orchestra, Assistant Professor of Music at Kent State University, and a member of Pittsburgh Brass, sent me the following information which may be of interest to my fellow brass players:

Notre Dame College will be hosting Craig Knox, Principal Tuba of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Center City Brass Quintet, on January 24, 2012 at 7:00 pm. The clinic will be held in the Regina Auditorium. Notre Dame College is located at 4545 College Road, South Euclid, OH, 44121.

Details on the college can be found at and More details on how to getvto the auditorium can be found at

Marching Arts Show Review

2010 Cavaliers Show Review

Show Theme:
Mad World – Fight It or Embrace It

Show Music (from
Mad World by Orazbal, Roland
Harrison’s Dream by Grahm, Peter
Dismantling Utopia by Metheny, Pat
Smile by Chaplin, Charlie

The 2010 Blue Devils’ and Cavaliers’ shows, at first glance, seem to occupy two totally different places in the hearts of the average DCI fan. On the one hand, the discordant, cerebral, and prop filled BD show seemed to have a difficult time making an emotional connection to the majority of fans in the stands. If they did connect, it was sometimes in a negative manner, as some fans questioned the path the Devils took this past season. On the other hand, the Cavaliers were a fan favorite in 2010, and took on the role of dark horse, making a late season surge into championship contention, riding the waves of roaring crowd applause. A closer look, however, shows that both shows had similarities, as well. Both shows featured ballads that were twisted from their original arrangement. Both shows also featured stabbing discordant musical moments. On the visual side of the equation, both shows exhibited two of the best visual designs of the year. Ironically, both shows started the season as shows I didn’t care for, yet came to understand and cheer for by Finals.