2019 TubaChristmas

Merry TubaChristmas!

Yes, we still have a couple weeks until the Christmas season starts (let’s finish Thanksgiving first, shall we?), but the TubaChristmas season is almost upon us.

What is TubaChristmas, you ask? Well, it’s when a bunch of low brass players, like myself, get together and celebrate the Christmas spirit by playing Christmas carols in concert for people like you. TubaChristmas has been taking place all over the world since 1974, so it’s about as old as I am. The best part? It’s FREE for people to attend! The performers pay a registration fee at each concert which goes towards expenses such as facilities usage and rental, as well as things like scholarships awarded at each event. It is a purely non-profit event and is a great way for performers and audience members to really get into the Christmas spirit.

2018 Marching Band Season Marching Arts

Plymouth Canton Educational Park Marching Band, Canton, Michigan

2018 BOA Grand Nationals Prelims – Plymouth Canton Educational Park

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Marching Arts

2018 Marching Band Season Schedule

I back off big time during marching band season, considering how busy both drum corps and indoor season get for me. I still attend a few events, however, and this year is no exception. I currently have three events on my calendar:

There are also the Bands of America events which will stream live throughout the season. You can find the schedule on the FloMarching website.