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2017 Ashland Tubachristmas

I will be playing at the Ashland Tubachristmas this Saturday. For those of you who don’t know, Tubachristmas is pretty much what it sounds like – A bunch of low brass players getting together and playing Christmas carols. We even invite audience participation by singing along! The concert is free to the audience so you don’t have an excuse to come and join in on the festive holiday fun!

Ashland Tubachristmas:
Saturday, December 2nd
Ashland University Hugo Young Theater
Concert starts at 12 Noon
Performer registration at 10 AM ($10 registration fee)
Performer rehearsal at 10:20 AM

See you there!

Christmas Haul – 2012 Edition

Another Christmas has gone by. Although my wife and I had to leave Indianapolis Christmas night to get home ahead of the oncoming blizzard, we both enjoyed the time we did have with our family. My sister-in-law Molly made great food to enjoy as we watched our niece Tess discover the wonder of opening presents Christmas morning, then playing with said presents throughout the day. Now, as SNERMERGERD 2012 drops a metric ton of white stuff on my home and most of the Midwest, I have plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the great gifts my family gave me this year.

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Christmas Unboxing: Podcastudio

I’ve been podcasting for years about the drum and bugle corps activity, which is on the border between a hobby and an obsession for me. For most of that time, I’ve used a Plantronics USB headset with a built-in mic. It’s given me great sound and is portable so I can whip up a podcast when on the road, but I am limited in that I can’t mix any audio while recording live as the headset and any other incoming audio are on separate tracks. Enter my father-in-law and his Christmas gift to me: The Podcastudio from Behringer. This kit converts any PC, even my netbook, into a recording studio. Continue reading Christmas Unboxing: Podcastudio