2019 Baseball Tour

2019 Baseball Tour

Every summer, my wife, Rachel, takes two trips as opportunities to perform and learn new ways to educate and excite her orchestra students. The first is to Minot, North Dakota, for the Dakota Chamber Music festival, and the second is to Olathe, Kansas, for the Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp. While Rachel is gone, I’ve found myself looking for things to do. Since it’s the middle of summer, I think it’s a perfect chance to catch some baseball! It’s also easier to grab a couple hot dogs and a beer at the game than it is to cook a meal for one. 😀

Here are the games I’m planning on going to this summer.

  • April 19 – Cleveland vs. Atlanta
  • May 17 – Cleveland vs. Baltimore
  • June 5 – Columbus vs. Toledo
  • June 6 – Akron vs. Reading
  • June 7 – Cleveland vs. New York Yankees
  • June 10 – Lake County vs. Lansing
  • June 11 – Lake County vs. Great Lakes
  • June 13 – Akron vs. Hartford
  • June 17 – Mahoning Valley vs. Batavia
  • July 8 – Lake County vs. Lansing
  • July 11 – Akron vs. Bowie
  • July 12 – Cleveland vs. Minnesota
  • July 13 – Akron vs. Bowie
  • July 15 – Mahoning Valley vs. Hudson Valley
  • July 16 – Erie vs. Akron
  • August 23 – Cleveland vs. Kansas City
  • September 20 – Cleveland vs. Philadelphia

The Indians Are in a Bad but Enviable Position | FanGraphs Baseball

Jeff Sullivan is one half of the Effectively Wild podcast and is a great baseball analyst and writer. I really like his speculation in this Fangraphs article about what Cleveland may be up to this off-season and what the front office’s motives are as the hot stove heats up.

I actually wonder if payroll isn’t the primary driver here. I wonder if payroll is secondary, behind the above. The above might just be harder to explain in a press conference. The Indians are already projected to have cut opening-day payroll by 12%. That seems like it should be good enough, if the team really does need to cut costs. Trading a starter would trim payroll further, but the farm system would improve. A team like the Indians always needs a good farm.

Maybe the real tell would come after. If the Indians traded one of their starters, we could then check to see whether they reinvest those savings in short-term improvements, behind the plate, in the outfield, or in the bullpen. Then we’d know this was at least as much about extending the window. Taking advantage of the opportunity the rest of the AL Central has provided.


2018-07-06 Cleveland Indians vs. Oakland Athletics Photo Album

Here’s my gallery of photos I took during last night’s Indians game against the A’s. Enjoy!


UPDATED 5/26 – Kevin’s 2018 Baseball Tour


There are two activities I love to follow in the summer – drum corps and baseball.  I’m sure you’re already aware of my drum corps fixation, so let’s talk about baseball for a bit.

I am very fortunate to have a lot of baseball within a couple hours driving of my home. All but one of the Cleveland Indians’ minor league teams are in Ohio. Why they didn’t have their farm system set up this way in the past, I don’t know, but I can see so much of the Cleveland baseball organization so easily now, so I’m not complaining!


2016 Baseball Tour – Cleveland Indians Vs. Chicago White Sox (6/17/16)

Hey! I made it to the big leagues!

After watching the Indians take 3 of 4 from the Sox when we were in Chicago a couple weeks ago, I’m hoping to get a repeat performance from the Indians at home. Sugardale Dollar Dog Night is the promotion for this game, though I believe I’ll be getting some fireworks, too.

I’m going to try out the District ticket since I don’t plan on sitting much AND I get my first drink as part of the ticket purchase!

If you’d like to join me at the game, let me know in the comments section below. Minor league games are fun to attend and are very affordable compared to major league teams like the Indians. I’ll also be posting some of Mr photos on social media so be sure to friends and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Foursquare, and Flickr.

Tickets – Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland Indians