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2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – DCA Finals

And so we come to the end, my friends. Once again, the Reading Buccaneers win the Open Class title, and deservedly so, while Carolina Gold pulls off an upset in Class A. Now it’s back to scanning Twitter and Facebook for videos and waiting for marching band season to start.

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2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – DCA Alumni Spectacular

It’s Sunday morning, so we all go to the Church of Drum Corps for the Alumni Spectacular. It’s always great to take in “old school” drum corps performances, and all of the performing units brought their A game. The only down side to this show was that the sun came out. While that normally wouldn’t be a problem, the sun managed to take a cool and cloudy weekend and convert it into a steam bath almost as soon as it showed up. Still, live outdoor drum corps is worth the sacrifice.

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2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – DCA Prelims

And so the final weekend of the 2018 North America drum corps season begins. While I was not in the press box for any of the shows in Williamsport, DCA did give myself and fellow Drum Corps World journalist William Aldrich-Thorpe seats in the center section right in front of the press box to ensure we had a great view to report from. With 19 corps to review as well as cover live, I was pretty busy with just this show alone!

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Drum Corps World review

UPDATED 5/25 – 2018 Drum Corps Tour


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I’ve received my writing assignments, begun rehearsing my music, and have scoured the 2018 drum corps schedule. The results are listed below.

If you will be at any of these shows, please let me know!

2017 Emerald City Music Games – LIVE From the Stands! Coverage

The 2017 drum corps season is kicking into high gear as DCI begins its stretch of major regional events. This also means that drum corps is coming back to the Midwest soon! In two weeks, I’ll be providing LIVE From the Stands! coverage of the 2017 Emerald City Music Games competition in Dublin, Ohio, on Monday, July 31st. If you’ll be at the show, be sure to say hello!

What: 2017 Emerald City Music Games

Where: Dublin Coffman High School Stadium

When: Monday, July 31st, 7PM Eastern

Who: Blue Stars, Bluecoats, Cincinnati Tradition, Colts, Crossmen, Oregon Crusaders, Pacific Crest, Seattle Cascades

UPDATED 2017-05-21: 2017 Drum Corps Schedule

Shows I am definitely attending:

DCI Live Webcast Schedule:

2017 San Francisco Renegades Chinese New Year Parade

In 2008, I got to be a Renegade.

No, not that kind of Renegade.

THIS kind:

That’s me in the honor guard of the San Francisco Renegades all-age drum and bugle corps. During the 2008 DCA World Championships, the Renegades put out a call to anybody interested in participating in their honor guard. Notice how smart they were not to give me a weapon. Ironically, I was carrying the Renegades flag in my very first participation of the corps, but it made more sense than carrying the California state flag since I’m an Ohioan, don’t you think?

Now, almost a decade later, I’m going to be a Renegade once again, at least for a day.

On February 11, the Renegades will take part in the 2017 Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade. Taking place in downtown San Francisco, the corps will march past over one million spectators with many more people viewing the corps in action on television. As with their 2008 honor guard, the Renegades have put the call out to anybody interested in performing with them in the parade. I’ve been wanting to join in for years but schedules and budgets have not always lined up. What’s more, the 2016 parade looked like the last time the Renegades would take part, so I’m definitely not going to throw away my shot this year!

If you’ll be in San Francsico from February 10-13, let me know. I’ll be in the parade on the 11th, of course, and I’m flying on the 10th and 13th, but I made sure I had the 12th to enjoy my first visit to The City By The Bay. I’ll also be visiting my sister and her family, but would love to see people I normally don’t get to see because we’re in different parts of the country.

2016 Drum Corps Season Coverage Recap

With the completion of the 2016 drum corps season in North America and Europe, the withdrawal symptoms are starting to set in. I may or may not have searched for videos of corps performances on YouTube and I’m sure you may or may not have, also.

In order to tide you over for a little while, here are the various reviews I wrote for Drum Corps World, the LIVE! From the Stands coverage I performed for Drum Corps Planet, and the photos I took at many of the shows I attended this season. Please feel free to enjoy and share these as we count the days until the 2017 season is upon us.

Continue reading 2016 Drum Corps Season Coverage Recap

2016 Drum Corps Associates World Championships Finals Competition – DCP/DCW Coverage

Whether you are on the field, in the stands, or following the action from home, be sure to join me LIVE From the Stands! for the 2016 Drum Corps Associates Championships Finals Competition! I will be live from the Sahlen’s Stadium press box, giving you live coverage of each performing unit from the first step off to the last note in the Drum Corps Planet discussion forums.

Joining me in the press box will be:

Todd Tanji (Blue Devils, System Blue, Minnesota Brass)
Brent Turner (Stanbury Uniforms, Youth in Music, Minnesota Brass)
Key Poulan (Mandarins, Key Poulan Music)

Joining us from the field and giving us incredible performance photos will once again be Charlie Groh. Charlie will also provide commentary from the press box, adding his experience and wit to an already stacked coverage team.

Once Finals is over, watch for my review of the show in Drum Corps World!

If you’re going to Finals, be sure to check in on the event’s Facebook page!