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2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – DCA Finals

And so we come to the end, my friends. Once again, the Reading Buccaneers win the Open Class title, and deservedly so, while Carolina Gold pulls off an upset in Class A. Now it’s back to scanning Twitter and Facebook for videos and waiting for marching band season to start.

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2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – DCA Alumni Spectacular

It’s Sunday morning, so we all go to the Church of Drum Corps for the Alumni Spectacular. It’s always great to take in “old school” drum corps performances, and all of the performing units brought their A game. The only down side to this show was that the sun came out. While that normally wouldn’t be a problem, the sun managed to take a cool and cloudy weekend and convert it into a steam bath almost as soon as it showed up. Still, live outdoor drum corps is worth the sacrifice.

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2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – DCA Prelims

And so the final weekend of the 2018 North America drum corps season begins. While I was not in the press box for any of the shows in Williamsport, DCA did give myself and fellow Drum Corps World journalist William Aldrich-Thorpe seats in the center section right in front of the press box to ensure we had a great view to report from. With 19 corps to review as well as cover live, I was pretty busy with just this show alone!

LIVE! From the Stands coverage

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Drum Corps World review

UPDATED 5/25 – 2018 Drum Corps Tour


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I’ve received my writing assignments, begun rehearsing my music, and have scoured the 2018 drum corps schedule. The results are listed below.

If you will be at any of these shows, please let me know!

2016 Drum Corps Associates Alumni Spectacular – DCP Coverage

Whether you are on the field, in the stands, or following the action from home, be sure to join me LIVE From the Stands! for the 2016 Drum Corps Associates Alumni Spectacular! I will be live from the Sahlen’s Stadium press box, giving you live coverage of each performing unit from the first step off to the last note in the Drum Corps Planet discussion forums.

If you’re going to the Alumni Spectacular, be sure to check in on the event’s Facebook page!

Box Center Episode 2012-02 Show Notes

Drum Corps Shows I Will Be At – 2012 Edition UPDATED 5/14/12

Now that WGI is over, it is time to look forward to the upcoming drum corps season. I’ve gone through the calendar and here are the shows I plan to attend, either as a spectator or as a reviewer, in 2012:

Saturday, June 16th – Innovations In Brass (DCI Akron, Ohio)
Wednesday, July 11th – Glassmen All-Star Review (DCI Bowling Green, Ohio)
Tuesday, July 31st – Emerald City Music Games (DCI Dublin, Ohio)
Monday, August 6th – Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival Drum Corps Competition (DCI Massillon, Ohio)
Thursday, August 9th – Big, Loud, & Live 9 Drum Corps International World Classs Championships Preliminaries Cinecast (DCI TBD)
Saturday, August 11th – Drum Corps International World Class Championships Finals Competition (DCI Indianapolis, IN)
Friday, August 31st – Drum Corps Associates Mini-Corps Championships (DCA Annapolis, MD)
Saturday, September 1st – Drum Corps Associates World Championships Preliminaries Competition (DCA Annapolis, MD)
Sunday, September 2nd – Drum Corps Associates Alumni Spectacular (DCA Annapolis, MD)
Sunday, September 2nd – Drum Corps Associates World Championships Finals Competition (DCA Annapolis, MD)

I may attend the Tour Premiere cinema event on June 18th. Since I’ll have seen the shows live two days earlier, I’d be going more because of the social aspect. I may also attend the Music Under The Stars DCA show in Hornell, NY, in July 28th. That will depend more on whether DCW needs somebody to cover that show. I’ll update this post once I have word on that show.

If you plan on being at any of these shows, let me know in the comments below. I would love to meet fellow drum corps fans.

My 2010 DCA Schedule

Here’s my schedule for the 2010 DCA World Championships in Rochester, New York.


Unfortunately, I have a full day of work (remind me to get the Friday of DCA weekend off next year), so I won’t leave the Cleveland area until after 5PM. I plan on arriving at my hotel around 10:45PM, so I will not be attending I&E or Mini-Corps. This is a bummer. Continue reading My 2010 DCA Schedule