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App Review: Got To Do (Android)

Got To DoLike the iPhone, Android phones do not have a built in task management system. If you are a power Outlook user or a proponent of the Getting Things Done (GTD) system, a task manager is important. I have been using both Outlook and the web-based Toodledo service to track my tasks, which is a big reason why I’m able to keep track of what I need to take care of, both at home and at work. On the iPhone, I’ve been using Toodledo’s app, which syncs with their service and gives me the same functionality as the site, but they do not make an Android version. There are a number of Toodledo-compatible apps for Android, some of which are free. One I’ve found which gives me many of the same options as Toodledo’s website is Got To Do (note the initials), an app available in both free (ad supported) and paid versions.

Geeks to Peeps

Geeks To Peeps: Boomerang

I truly believe that this is the best thing to happen to Gmail since, well, Gmail itself.

Boomerang is a third party plugin for the Firefox and Chrome web browsers which adds a ton of functionality and productivity enhancements to your Gmail account. If you’re a believer in the Getting Things Done (GTD) method, the Inbox Zero method, or both, Boomerang is for you. If you’re not a fan of either, Boomerang is still for you.

What Boomerang allows you to do, in a nutshell, is resend yourself emails from your inbox. For example, if you have an email from your boss which tells you to perform a task at a certain time, you can have Boomerang send that email from your inbox and schedule it to return at a specific time, serving as a reminder to perform that task. Got a meeting coming up and want a reminder half an hour before? Send that email via Boomerang and schedule it to return to your inbox a half hour before the meeting starts. Its arrival back in your inbox (and the resultant new mail alert), will do the job.