2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – DCA Finals

And so we come to the end, my friends. Once again, the Reading Buccaneers win the Open Class title, and deservedly so, while Carolina Gold pulls off an upset in Class A. Now it’s back to scanning Twitter and Facebook for videos and waiting for marching band season to start. LIVE! From the Stands coverage […]

2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – Shoremen Brass Classic

It’s a bonus when I can attend a local show on my birthday! As I celebrated my 44th session on this world, I took in one of the last Open Class shows of the 2018 regular season as DCI Championships loomed ahead. I always want to give as much love to the Open Class corps […]

2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – Innovations In Brass Akron

The Innovations in Brass show in Akron, Ohio, was my first live drum corps experience of the 2018 season, both as a spectator and as a performer with Rhythm In BLUE. This led to some interesting logistical issues when it came time for my live coverage, but I was able to make it work, as […]

2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – Tour Premiere Cinecast

Now that, at least for me, the 2018 drum corps season is over, I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at the shows I saw and reviewed, starting with the very first show of the season, the DCI Tour Premiere cinecast. Obviously, since I was in a movie theater, […]

2017 Legends Drum Corps Open – LIVE From the Stands! Coverage

One of the side benefits of living in the Midwestern United States is that a good portion of the annual DCI tour takes place within driving distance of my home, especially during the final few weeks of the season. After almost a month of no live drum corps blasting my face off, the time is […]

7/22/13-7/28/13 Drum Corps Stuff

Here’s the drum corps action I’ll be focusing on this week: Friday, July 26 – DCI Masters of the Summer Music Games webcast (http://dci.thefannetwork.org/) Sunday, July 28 – DCI Southeastern Champioinship webcast (http://dci.thefannetwork.org/) Both events will have Google Hangouts for live discussion of the shows as they happen. If you’re interested in taking part, let […]

Box Center Episode 2013-02 Show Notes

Contact Box Center Email: editor@dcpnews.com Facebook Fan Page DCP discussion thread General News FEATURED ON DCP – First Performance Of Scout House Anniversary Music 2013 DCE Championship DVDs Are Ready Reactiv Sponsorship Of The Company 2013 Hawthorne Caballeros Supporters First 2013 Bushwackers Performance Tampa Bay Thunder 2013 DCI Atlanta Bus Trip 2013 Legends Positions Still […]

2013 WGI Indianapolis Color Guard Regional

Next Sunday (2/24/13), I will be at Warren Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana, to review the WGI color guard regional taking place there. Prelims are Saturday but I’ll be traveling and visiting family in the area. The Finals event starts at 9 Sunday morning and goes until about 5 and will feature many of […]

Box Center 2013-01 Delayed

I got about halfway through recording the first Box Center of the new year when my PC crashed. Even though I had saved my recording up to nearly that point, the crash corrupted the file and was not recoverable. I will attempt to record the show again tomorrow. Watch for it in your iTunes or […]

iOS 6 Review

For Apple fans around the world, this week is about as close to an international holiday as a non-religious event can get. The fun starts this Wednesday, September 19, as the latest iteration of the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad operating system, iOS 6, is made available for public download. As with each previous release of the OS, […]