2019 Baseball Tour

2019 Baseball Tour – 2019-07-08 Lake County vs. Lansing Photo Gallery

All of the photos I took at the Lake County Captains vs. Lansing Lugnuts game which took place on July 8th are now uploaded to my Smugmug account. Take a look and let me know if you see any you like!

2019 Baseball Tour

2019 Baseball Tour – Lake County vs. Lansing Photo Story

Lansing always seems to be the team in town when I come to Captains games…

Parking – $5
Ticket – $12
Hot dogs – $2
Beer – $1
Total – $20

I love Buck Mondays

The view from my seat.

Alex Royalty with the first pitch.

Ruben Cardenas at bat for the Captains.

Let’s Make A Deal! Box #1, Box #2, or take the cash?

Daniel Schneemann gets the first hit for the Captains, then proceeds to steal second, but the inning ends before more can happen.

Royalty with TWO strikeouts to get out of a jam.

Actual Lugnuts ball cap.

Nice shoes. Nice leather.

First run scored! 1-0 Captains!

Strikeout number 3 for Realty!

Cardenas with the great play in right!

Another K for Realty!

The Lugnuts have a strong arm in right.

Not a bad view.

Yet another strikeout!

Skylar Arias with the heat.

Bo Naylor with a solo jack! 2-0 Captains!

Arias gets his second strikeout!

And his third!



The Quake County Captains


2018-07-09 Lake County Captains vs. West Michigan White Caps Photo Album

Here’s my gallery of photos I took during tonight’s Captains game against the White Caps. Enjoy!