Contacts+ Will Be Your Everything (For Your Phone Contacts)

We have contacts everywhere: on our phone, in Facebook, in Twitter, even in an old paper address book we left sitting in a kitchen junk drawer years ago and never look at. Even though it’s the 21st century, when you’d think we’d be organized in the digital world, keeping track of who we want to […]

Make The Most Of Your Smartphone Home Screen With Nova Launcher

One of the reasons I switched from my iPhone to Android was the home screen. On an iPhone (and iPad), all you can have are app and folder icons, all neatly arranged in a grid. While that kind of structure works for some people, I wanted more. With Android, I can put widgets on my […]

Use LastPass To Securely Access Your Passwords Anywhere

Heartbleed is big in the news right now and, with that, focus towards online security is strong. Websites and online services are getting hacked on a regular basis. As a traveler on the information superhighway, how do you protect yourself from the black hats who want access to your identity and finances? Fortunately, there is […]

SwiftKey Makes Auto Correct Your Friend

The simple fact that there is a popular website called “Damn You Auto Correct!”┬átells you all you need to know about the curse that is the auto correction function of your mobile phone or tablet. It doesn’t matter if you use iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or whatever mobile operating system is out there, there […]

30 Day Challenge: My Must Have Android Apps, Day 12

My phone comes in very handy when I’m driving. Here are two apps which help. Waze – I love Google Maps on Android. One thing it is not good at, however, is adjust to traffic on the fly. Never was this more apparent than yesterday morning when I was sitting in almost standstill traffic and […]

30 Day Challenge: My Must Have Android Apps, Day 11

Today is when I pay the bills and balance the check book. Here are two apps which help me do that. Chase Bank – Really, I recommend any bank’s mobile app if yours has one and you have a smart phone and/or tablet. I have Chase and use their mobile app on both my phone […]

30 Day Challenge: My Must Have Android Apps, Day 10

Friday night is out night. What better way to celebrate than to share it with friends? With these apps, you can share with those friends who aren’t with you and maybe even entice them to join you. Foursquare – I like using Foursquare for many reasons. I like people to know about the places I […]

30 Day Challenge: My Must Have Android Apps, Day 9

Today brings another pair of apps which have nothing to do with one another but which I use and need every day Jump Desktop – Yesterday, I posted a remote access app for when I needed to work on my own PC. Today, I needed to connect to a client’s server. All I had was […]

30 Day Challenge: My Must Have Android Apps, Day 8

Today’s apps are not Indians related. This is a good thing as they are sucking big time right now. Instead, I figured on two apps which are unrelated but both useful in their own ways. Genius Scan – You have a document which needs to be signed, sealed, and delivered TODAY. Mailing isn’t an option […]

30 Day Challenge: My Must Have Android Apps, Day 7

I didn’t get my post written yesterday as I went to the Indians game (which they lost). What I DID do was download a couple apps which would come in handy at the game. Of course, the fact that I barely pulled my phone out of my pocket during the game had no bearing on […]