Molly Martin: Charleston should heed lessons on managing hep C, HIV (Opinion) | Op-Ed Commentaries |

This week, the Charleston Gazette-Mail’s Amelia Ferrell Knisely reported that, according to the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, “a new case of hepatitis C was reported nearly every eight hours in Kanawha County [in 2018].” This rate of infection is a five-year high for the county. The rate accelerated after the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department shut down its public syringe exchange in March 2018 in response to new rules set by the then-mayor and Charleston Police Department.

And I’m sure former mayor Danny Jones and others at the center of the shutdown felt a great deal of pressure to police addict behavior — to uphold “good values” and “clean up the city.” But there’s a certain Indiana native who made a political career out of talking values, and he learned the hard way that people suffer when you send a cop to do a doctor’s job.

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