New Orleans – Day Two

I’m sorry. I couldn’t clear my mind in time.
The ACTUAL reason we are in New Orleans. 😀
Sam Heughan looks so chill.
Have I seen it all? I may have seen it all.
Paging the 2007-2012 Bluecoats.
This may be the most creative cosplay ever.
This crossover was…unexpected.
This wins for most genius cosplay.

New Orleans – Day One

Starting off the day with brunch at The Ruby Slipper.
On the corner of Jackson Square
America sure loves its racist asshole leaders
When you make a living as a street performer, your dedication rivals that of the postal service
The reason we’re on New Orleans
An…interesting way to get around the convention
Tonight’s dinner at the Cochon Butchery – Carolina style BBQ sandwich with potato salad and a local Pilsner