Moving Day

Years ago, I helped a friend of mine out with advice regarding his Windows servers in his work environment. To show his gratitude, he allowed me to host this website on one of those servers for free.

A couple weeks ago, my friend informed me he had sold his company and no longer was managing those servers. I had the option of either paying for hosting or moving my site to another hosting provider.

Since I have been looking at ways to become more privacy oriented and conscious, I’ve decided that this is the time for me to look at hosting outside of the United States. What’s more, I wanted to begin moving all of my online presence away from what is known as the Fourteen Eyes surveillance network.

I also decided this was a good opportunity to essentially start over. Instead of migrating this site to a new location, I am going to build a new site from scratch and look at hosting this site as an archive.

To help find a hosting provider which I could trust with my data, I used the Privacy Tools website to research my options. They recommended a company called Orange Website, based out of Iceland. The pricing is comparable to other hosting options I’ve looked at, and the company is committed to privacy and free speech.

Since I’m starting a new site, I have also purchased a new domain for my site, For domain hosting, I have chosen to go with Njalla, As with Orange Website, Njalla is privacy focused and outside of the Fourteen Eyes membership as it is based in Nevis.

For now, this site will remain online while I determine where I will archive it to, but there will be no new posts or updates to it.