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iOS 6 Review

For Apple fans around the world, this week is about as close to an international holiday as a non-religious event can get. The fun starts this Wednesday, September 19, as the latest iteration of the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad operating system, iOS 6, is made available for public download. As with each previous release of the OS, iOS 6 promises many new features and one interesting omission. I have had the chance to load the Gold Master of iOS 6, which is pretty much the final version of the operating system released to developers, on my iPhone 4 and have been playing with it for the past few days, so I can give you an idea of what to expect when you pull the trigger and upgrade your iDevice in the near future.

Geeks to Peeps Technology

Geeks To Peeps: Gmail On Your Smartphone

I’ve packed away my laptop for the night, so I thought I appropriate to write my latest installment of Geeks to Peeps both on and about a device which many people use to check their Gmail on a regular basis: a smartphone. Specifically, I’m going to focus on the mobile website for Gmail. While I access the site from an iPhone, everything I write about will work for any smartphone.

First of all, why would you want to use the Gmail website when all smartphones come with their own mail app? To be honest, it depends on your phone. For me, the iPhone’s mail app, while functional, is not a very intuitive interface. I haven’t used the Android or Blackberry mail apps, and you may find that those apps are more than sufficient for your email needs. It is worth looking at the web interface, though, and determining what method best meets your needs.

iPhone Technology

Why You Should Wait On The Verizon iPhone

It finally happened: Verizon now offers the iPhone. A straightforward half-hour press conference featuring execs from Verizon and Apple made it official this morning. The ViPhone is, for all intents and purposes, a clone of the AT&T iPhone 4 with one major exception – as Verizon’s cell network is based on CDMA technology, this iPhone has no SIM card. iPhone fanboys have been clamoring for the device on the Verizon network almost as soon as it was announced in 2007. Now that it’s here, however, you may be better off waiting before taking the plunge. Here’s why.