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2018 Indoor Season

It’s Christmas Eve, which is exciting unto itself, but it’s also just under a month away from the 2018 indoor season! Winter guards, drum lines, and winds groups are already hard at work designing and perfecting their shows, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us all.

Here are the shows I plan on attending:

WGI and FloMarching also announced their 2018 streaming schedule. If you’re a FloMarching subscriber, you have access to all of these events as part of your subscription.

Will you be at any of these events? If so, please let me know and/or try to find me. I’m always looking for the chance to connect with old friends and meet new ones.

WGI Percussion Social Media Accounts I’m Posting From This Week

I’ll be posting on the following accounts for the 2017 WGI Percussion Championships this week:

  • Facebook – WGI page
  • Twitter – @WGItweets and @WGIpercussion
  • Instagram – @wgisportofthearts and @wgipercussion
  • Snapchat – wgisnaps
  • Periscope – wgitweets
  • Tumblr – crystal@wgi.org (Crystal is heading the WGI social media team)

2017 WGI Percussion/Winds Championships Schedule

I have the honor of joining the WGI Social Media team this week in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio, helping to cover the events of the 2017 WGI Percussion and Winds Championships taking place from Thursday, April 20, through Sunday, April 23. If you and/or your performing unit will be at WGI this week, take a look below and see if we’ll be in the same place. If so, say hi! You might get a little famous. 😀

If you are going, here are the Facebook and Google+ event pages. Check in so I’ll know you’ll be there!

WGI Percussion Championships
WGI Winds Championships

WGI Percussion Independent Open Prelims
WGI Percussion Independent Open Semis
WGI Winds Prelims
WGI Winds Finals

Thursday, April 20
Percussion Independent Open Prelims
John D. Millett Hall, Miami University

Friday, April 21
Percussion Independent Open Semis
John D. Millett Hall, Miami University

Saturday, April 22
Winds Prelims
Wright State University Nutter Center

Sunday, April 23
Winds Finals
University of Dayton Arena

2013 WGI Indianapolis Color Guard Regional

Next Sunday (2/24/13), I will be at Warren Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana, to review the WGI color guard regional taking place there. Prelims are Saturday but I’ll be traveling and visiting family in the area. The Finals event starts at 9 Sunday morning and goes until about 5 and will feature many of the top guards from the Midwest at every competitive level. If you’ll be there, either as a spectator or with a competing unit, come find me. I’ll have my Glassmen corps jacket, covered in patches for easy recognition, plus my iPad and/or laptop for taking notes about the shows.

You can find more information about the regional at the WGI website:


If you won’t be there, be sure to follow me on the various social networks for one-shot thoughts on each unit. You can find all of my social networking goodness here:


See you next Sunday!

Christmas Haul – 2012 Edition

Another Christmas has gone by. Although my wife and I had to leave Indianapolis Christmas night to get home ahead of the oncoming blizzard, we both enjoyed the time we did have with our family. My sister-in-law Molly made great food to enjoy as we watched our niece Tess discover the wonder of opening presents Christmas morning, then playing with said presents throughout the day. Now, as SNERMERGERD 2012 drops a metric ton of white stuff on my home and most of the Midwest, I have plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the great gifts my family gave me this year.

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2012 WGI Indianapolis Color Guard Regional Prelims Review

This post will update after each performance.

Scholastic Regional A:

1st, 73.1 – Carmel HS – Not easy being the first guard of the 2012 regional season. Nice unison flag work mid show. A simply designed show with just one set of flags and rifles, plus lots of body work. Once the guard gets more performance experience and works on their timing, this will be a great show.

2nd, 68.8 – Lake Park HS: “Cello Suite” – Unique tarp design. I recognize the music but can’t remember the title. Nice equipment work for the first regional of the year. Love the burnt orange flags midway through the show. Still some flag work to be written near the end of the show. This guard was easy to perform.

Independent Regional A:

1st, 62.1- Steperettes Cadets: “Proud Mary” – One kid playing bass at the front of the stage. Using Tina Turner’s version of the song. Middle school kids from the looks of it. Nice equipment work for a group this young. Nice rifle toss/exchange midway through the show. It will be fun to see this group once they’ve cleaned the show up.

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2010 WGI World Percussion Finals Results

Percussion Scholastic World:
15. Center Grove High School – 86.125
14. Fishers High School – 86.588
13. Long Lake High School – 86.825
12. King Philip Regional High School – 87.588
11. Forsyth Central High School – 88.325
10. Centerville High School – 89.163
9. Los Alimedos High School – 89.538
8. North Glenn High School – 91.650
7. Arcadia High School – 92.000
6. Chino High School – 93.363
5. Avon High School – 94.275
4. Mission Viejavo High School – 94.625
3. Dartmouth High School – 95.500
2. Chino Hills High School – 96.750
1. Ayala High School – 97.175

Percussion Independent World:
15. Tyler Junior College – 82.775
14. Infinity – 83.275
13. Timber Creek Independent – 84.550
12. Gateway Indoor – 85.988
11. North Coast Academy – 86.625
10. Blue Knights – 86.888
9. East Side Fury – 87.913
8. Matrix – 88.175
7. Aimachi – 91.725
6. United Percussion – 91.975
5. Redline – 92.500
4. Riverside Community College – 94.100
3. Music City Mystique – 95.513
2. Rhythm X – 96.250
1. Pulse Percussion – 96.375

Fan Favorite
North Glenn High School