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2018 Ohio Indoor Performance Association Premier Event

The 2018 indoor season gets underway on Saturday, January 21, as the Ohio Indoor Performance Association presents their annual premier event! Color guards, percussion ensembles, and wind ensembles from all over Ohio and beyond will converge on Marion Harding High School in Marion, Ohio, to kick off the new season. I will be there with my trusty camera and smartphone to keep you up to date on every performing group via social media, but why not join us? Whether you’re a performer, staff member, volunteer, parent, friend, or just a fan of the activity, be sure to be at Marion Harding when the show begins at 10AM.

I hope to see you there!

2013 WGI Indianapolis Color Guard Regional

Next Sunday (2/24/13), I will be at Warren Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana, to review the WGI color guard regional taking place there. Prelims are Saturday but I’ll be traveling and visiting family in the area. The Finals event starts at 9 Sunday morning and goes until about 5 and will feature many of the top guards from the Midwest at every competitive level. If you’ll be there, either as a spectator or with a competing unit, come find me. I’ll have my Glassmen corps jacket, covered in patches for easy recognition, plus my iPad and/or laptop for taking notes about the shows.

You can find more information about the regional at the WGI website:


If you won’t be there, be sure to follow me on the various social networks for one-shot thoughts on each unit. You can find all of my social networking goodness here:


See you next Sunday!

2012 WGI Indianapolis Color Guard Regional Prelims Review

This post will update after each performance.

Scholastic Regional A:

1st, 73.1 – Carmel HS – Not easy being the first guard of the 2012 regional season. Nice unison flag work mid show. A simply designed show with just one set of flags and rifles, plus lots of body work. Once the guard gets more performance experience and works on their timing, this will be a great show.

2nd, 68.8 – Lake Park HS: “Cello Suite” – Unique tarp design. I recognize the music but can’t remember the title. Nice equipment work for the first regional of the year. Love the burnt orange flags midway through the show. Still some flag work to be written near the end of the show. This guard was easy to perform.

Independent Regional A:

1st, 62.1- Steperettes Cadets: “Proud Mary” – One kid playing bass at the front of the stage. Using Tina Turner’s version of the song. Middle school kids from the looks of it. Nice equipment work for a group this young. Nice rifle toss/exchange midway through the show. It will be fun to see this group once they’ve cleaned the show up.

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