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iOS 13 – One Week Later

It has been a week since I wiped my iPhone Xr and updated it to iOS 13. Since then, I have downloaded a number of apps which I use on a regular basis and (apparently) could not live without for even that short period of time. These are essential apps for me, and I thought I would share them with you in case you find them useful as well. I have sorted the apps by App Store category and provided links so you can find and install them quickly and easily.

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30 Day Challenge: My Must Have Android Apps, Day 1

My Samsung Galaxy Nexus was showing down and eating battery life lately. As with any computer, the best way to get a device running like new is to literally go back to the beginning and restore to factory settings. Most of my days is stored in the cloud and the rest was easily synced to my tablet so it was a cinch to take my phone back to Day One.

While Android has a great feature that allows users to restore the apps they had installed from a backup on Google’s servers, I chose to start from scratch and only install the apps I needed or wanted to use as time went by. This week keep my phone clean and running smooth for some time, at least until Android 4.3 comes out and adds TRIM functionality to the phone.

Since I am picking out which apps I can’t live without, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my list with you. I’ll update the list as I install the apps since there are quite a few I use on a regular basis. The list will focus on productivity apps, at least at the start, as I use my phone to make my life as easy as possible, but more fun and leisurely apps will show up once I’ve got the boring stuff loaded.

Without further ado:

Lastpass – I use Lastpass for all of my password needs. I only need to remember my master password and allow Lastpass to create randomly generated secure passwords for all my websites. My logins are securely synced with Lastpass’ servers so I can access them from any web browser with the Lastpass plugin or from my phone with their app. I’ve never been hacked on any account with a Lastpass password.

WordPress – I am writing this post in the WordPress app on my phone. It is quick and easy to use this app, which gives me access to all of my site’s posts and pages. The new post function has basic formatting options as well as the ability to add media to posts. I can even check out stats on how many views my site and posts get. I’m hoping to write more now that drum corps season is over and this app will help me do so.

More to come!

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Happy 4th Of July (Week)!

As those of us in the United States prepare to celebrate our country’s birthday, I thought I’d decorate appropriately. Enjoy!