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2015 Drum Corps Preview – Blue Devils

Show theme – Ink

Show repertoire –
Dark Forest (Dave Glyde)
Sweeney Todd (Stephen Sondheim)
The Giant Attack (Stephen Sondheim)
The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (Gordon Goodwin)
I Like You (GOT7)
Children Will Listen (Stephen Sondheim)
Last Midnight (Stephen Sondheim)

2015 Blue Devils playlist

Where the 2014 Blue Devils used the eclectic genius of Federico Fellini to tell the story of making movies, this season moves from behind the camera to behind the pen to tell the story of writing a story. Ink uses musical sources familiar to both Blue Devils fans and the drum corps activity and hopes to imprint its fantasy on our collective consciousness as indelible as, well, ink.

An organization which has won 16 world titles does so by building, or, in this case, writing on what it has accomplished throughout its past, especially after creating such a powerful show such as Felliniesque. It comes as no surprise, then, that the repertoire for 2015 consists of familiar sources to the Blue Devils. Stephen Sondheim will be heavily used throughout the show with selections from both Sweeney Todd and Into the Woods, both of which are themselves examples of telling stories which meet both critical and popular acclaim. As with last year, the Blue Devils once again will perform an original composition from Gordon Goodwin, The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, as well as an original composition from long time BD pit arranger David Glyde called Dark Forest.

There is one selection, however, which takes both the Blue Devils and drum corps into what for many in the stands will be unfamiliar territory – K-pop (short for Korean pop). Yes, just about everybody and their mother has seen and/or heard Psy’s Gangnam Style (click here for those who haven’t) but one viral YouTube video does not true experience make. It will be very interesting to see how BD integrates GOT7’s I Like You into their show, especially since it is such a different style from the rest of the selections they’ve listed in their show rep.

While the Blue Devils have “inked” the most titles of any drum corps in the DCI era, they will be the first to tell you their true goal is the pursuit of perfection. Last year may have been the closest any corps has come to reaching that goal. Whether or not the Devils get even closer this season is not a worry on their minds, though, nor is bringing home #17. This year, the goal is to tell the best story they can tell.

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