2019 Baseball Tour

2019 Baseball Tour – Cleveland Vs. Philadelphia

You know it’s a big game when the Goodyear blimp is in flight.

It’s a well designed stadium when this is the view from the SRO seats.

My traditional Brew Kettle Kitka.


You can’t have a hot dog or a brat without the classic ballpark mustard.

My view for tonight’s game.


Welcome to Cleveland, Bryce. Now, SIDDOWN! #strikeout

Not even an out and we’re on the board!

And now it’s 2-0!

Cleveland picks up in the 2nd where it left off and makes it 3-0!

Mercado slides in to make it 4-0, though Santana is caught in a run down to end the inning.

One of these statues is doing their own thing…

Philadelphia already pulled their startee Smyly. It’s the 3rd.

This is Bryce Harper’s walk of shame as he strikes out again.

Man, I walk away to get fries and Philadelphia gets on the board.

Ketchup got what was coming to him.

Strikeout #7 for Bieber!

The good news is that you’re not getting pulled if only a couple infielders come to the mound.

Philadelphia intentionally walks Lindor, and Mercado makes them pay. 5-2!

Shane Biwber exits after 7 1/3 innings. Oliver Perez comes in to take on Bryce Harper.

I stand for Cookie!


2019 Baseball Tour

2019 Baseball Tour – 2019-07-12 Cleveland Vs. Minnesota

Hello, Jake.

I always get a Kitka chocolate coconut stout from the Brew Kettle stand when I come to Cleveland games.

I’m Twitter friends with tonight’s National Anthem singer!

Slight change tonight as I do love a good brat.

Minnesota strikes Friday like first with a solo shot…

But Mike Clevinger strikes out the last batter for the third out!

Strikeout number 3!

Got the guy at second, but couldn’t turn the double play.

Francisco Lindor just used Ice, Ice Baby as his walk up and I think we all just got trolled.

HOME RUN, SANTANA! We are tied at 1!


And that’s is for Gibson. 3 runs over 3 2/3 innings.

This strikeout is protected by the police.

Slider shenanigans were supposed to help Mustard, but Ketchup puts on a burst of speed to take tonight’s Hot Dog Derby.

Five innings for Clevinger. Adam Cimber comes in to pitch.

The moon by day and night.

After allowing a run on an overturned 3rd out call, Oliver Perez gives up two more. 4-3 Minnesota, bottom of the seventh.

Nick Wittgren stops the damage with a strikeout.

Well, that don’t help. Solo shot off Tyler Clippard makes it 5-3 Minnesota.

Just in case you weren’t sure which state we’re in.

Cleveland landmarks.

2019 Baseball Tour

2019 Baseball Tour – Akron Vs. Bowie Photo Story

General Admission = I’m walking all over this park.

20 oz Bud draft is what Thirsty Thursday is all about.

The ONLY food to eat at a ball game.

Oh, hai Danny Salazar!

It’s a rehab start, so Salazar leaves the game giving up 1 run in 2 2/3 innings.

The RubberDucks get out of it with a strikeout to end the inning!

A solo shot makes it 2-0 Bowie.

I have no idea what this is about.

Every time this player bats, they play Homer Simpson yawning. I can’t imagine why.

NOPE! That’s a K!

NOW I get it! Because they’re the SOX!

And another K for Robinson.

Jordan Stephens strikes out the first two batters he faces.

Once again, not a bad view.

An error leads to Bowie’s third run of the game. Akron is still scoreless.

I got moon shot!

The game ends on a strikeout, which pretty much sums up Akron’s offense tonight. 3-0 is the final score.

2019 Baseball Tour

2019 Baseball Tour – 2019-07-08 Lake County vs. Lansing Photo Gallery

All of the photos I took at the Lake County Captains vs. Lansing Lugnuts game which took place on July 8th are now uploaded to my Smugmug account. Take a look and let me know if you see any you like!

2019 Baseball Tour

2019 Baseball Tour – Lake County vs. Lansing Photo Story

Lansing always seems to be the team in town when I come to Captains games…

Parking – $5
Ticket – $12
Hot dogs – $2
Beer – $1
Total – $20

I love Buck Mondays

The view from my seat.

Alex Royalty with the first pitch.

Ruben Cardenas at bat for the Captains.

Let’s Make A Deal! Box #1, Box #2, or take the cash?

Daniel Schneemann gets the first hit for the Captains, then proceeds to steal second, but the inning ends before more can happen.

Royalty with TWO strikeouts to get out of a jam.

Actual Lugnuts ball cap.

Nice shoes. Nice leather.

First run scored! 1-0 Captains!

Strikeout number 3 for Realty!

Cardenas with the great play in right!

Another K for Realty!

The Lugnuts have a strong arm in right.

Not a bad view.

Yet another strikeout!

Skylar Arias with the heat.

Bo Naylor with a solo jack! 2-0 Captains!

Arias gets his second strikeout!

And his third!


2019 Baseball Tour

2019 Baseball Tour – Akron Vs. Reading

It’s a beautiful night for baseball at Canal Park!

A couple stadium hot dogs is always a great way to start the game.

Reading draws first blood with a sac fly in the top of the fourth. 1-0 Fightin Phils.

And the RubberDucks tie it back up in the bottom of the fourth with a solo shot to left! 1-1 tie!


Reading gets another run in the top of the sixth, but ends the inning with a whiff. 2-1 Reading.


For as long as I had to wait on the Thirsty Thursday line, you bet I got a 20oz Bud.

Life can be tough for a reliever. One walk and you’re replaced.

Akron ties it up again with an RBI single in the bottom of the 8th! 2-2!

Akron gets the last out in the top of the ninth, but not before Reading scores and takes the lead. 3-2 going to the bottom of the ninth.

And that’s the ball game.

2019 Baseball Tour

2019-05-17 Cleveland vs. Baltimore

I missed my traditional Brew Kettle Kitka last time I was at the ball park. Not this time.

These won’t be my only Dollar Dogs of the night.

Jafry Ramirez dealing early.

Santana making the out.

Jose Ramirez steals 2nd, which leads to Cleveland’s first run off a Jake Bauers single. 1-0 after 2.

5 strike outs for Rodriguez, but 4 runs given up. 4-1 at the bottom of the 6th.

Credit to Bundy. He battled through 5 2/3 innings and leaves the game with a 4-1 lead.

Jafry Rodriguez’s night is over after 6 2/3 innings. Tyler Olson takes over with a 4-1 deficit.

Hello, Thome, my old friend.

Olson does his job and hands the ball to Neil Ramirez with one down in the top of the 8th and Baltimore still leading 4-1.

Oh, hai racism!

Yes, that is the bat flying away from the batter. Almost took the bat boy out in the process.

Definitely not the ending we wanted…

…but at least we got fireworks!

Some shots of Cleveland as I head back to the car.

2019 Baseball Tour

2019 Baseball Tour

Every summer, my wife, Rachel, takes two trips as opportunities to perform and learn new ways to educate and excite her orchestra students. The first is to Minot, North Dakota, for the Dakota Chamber Music festival, and the second is to Olathe, Kansas, for the Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp. While Rachel is gone, I’ve found myself looking for things to do. Since it’s the middle of summer, I think it’s a perfect chance to catch some baseball! It’s also easier to grab a couple hot dogs and a beer at the game than it is to cook a meal for one. 😀

Here are the games I’m planning on going to this summer.

  • April 19 – Cleveland vs. Atlanta
  • May 17 – Cleveland vs. Baltimore
  • June 5 – Columbus vs. Toledo
  • June 6 – Akron vs. Reading
  • June 7 – Cleveland vs. New York Yankees
  • June 10 – Lake County vs. Lansing
  • June 11 – Lake County vs. Great Lakes
  • June 13 – Akron vs. Hartford
  • June 17 – Mahoning Valley vs. Batavia
  • July 8 – Lake County vs. Lansing
  • July 11 – Akron vs. Bowie
  • July 12 – Cleveland vs. Minnesota
  • July 13 – Akron vs. Bowie
  • July 15 – Mahoning Valley vs. Hudson Valley
  • July 16 – Erie vs. Akron
  • August 23 – Cleveland vs. Kansas City
  • September 20 – Cleveland vs. Philadelphia