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2018 Drum Corps Retrospective – Big, Loud, & Live 15 Cinecast

With the 2018 DCI season about to end, we returned to movie theaters for the first of three nights of Championships. I’ll admit I also had the FloMarching feed of Prelims running on my phone while at work so I could at least hear the Open Class corps and those World Class corps seeded 16th and lower. Unlike the first cinecast event in June, I returned to the Montrose Movies cinema in the Akron area. Like last year, I left swearing never to return again. Seriously, people, Montrose Movies has become a dump.

DCI marks 15 years in movie theaters

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DCW Coverage – DCI Big, Loud, & Live 12 – Indianapolis, IN Showing

Yes, I am going to the DCI Prelims cinecast. Yes, I am going while I am in Indianapolis. Yes, I am going to write a review of the cinecast for DCW.

And it’s going to be awesome.

Show Review

August 17, 2012 Drum Corps World Newsletter Released

The latest newslsetter from Drum Corps World is out and available for your reading pleasure. This newsletter is practically a full edition of the magazine in its own right, numbering almost 60 pages containing coverage of the DCI Champonships week events and the competitions leading up to it, as well as the DCA event which also recently took place.

Two of those DCI events, the Dublin, Ohio, Emerald City Music Games and the DCI Prelims cinecast, were reviewed by me and are in this newsletter. There was a third event, the Massillon, Ohio, Pro Football Hall of Fame competition, which I was not able to write in time for this release. I will post it either here or on Drum Corps Planet in the near future.

You can read the newsletter here.

As a bonus, enjoy the pictures I took from the Dublin show.